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Studentscup 2017 E

Also 2017
Hosted by Vienna Dragons 

Date: 20. May 2017
Start: 11:00
Entry Fee:  300 €*
Crew: 16-18** paddlers, 1 drummer
"Steersmen" provided by Vienna Dragons.
Boat class:
Open (No restriction on gender)

Deadline 14.05.2017
Social program:   Carousel48 will close the day. THX a lot!!
Winners sparkling wine will be sponsored by  "IWILL" !
Vouchers from the one and only Wingman Vienna :-)
One Wildcard for Drachenboot Indoor Cup, Maerz 2018 at Steyr sponsored by SV Forelle.
One Wildcard for DrachenbootCup OST on 10. June 2017 at Vienna sponsored by Bernd Berger & Mag. Peter Widhalm GesBR and Vienna Dragons.

In this spirit many THX from "Team Studentscup 2017"!

* Register and get Early Bird Specials
  • 50% discount on two trainings with the Vienna Dragons for the three first registrations (entry date)
  • 50% discount on one training with the Vienna Dragons for the following four registrations (entry date)
** at least 14 Students/Boat (Postdocs count as students)

Professors/Scientific&General University&FH Staff:
Registration is allowed, but the team cannot be considered in the final result. More than 2 teams in this class result in opening a descrete valuation. Early bird specials are not available in this class.

Paddlers/drummers without team:
Mail on and we will try to find a team.

We strongly advice to book 1, 2 or more trainings with the Vienna Dragons before the race on 20. May.
According to the fact that the increased demand on trainings filled our calender we have only the weekends for sessions left!
The charge per boat and hour including the steersman is 60€ (maximum: 20 paddler + 1 drummer). Agreements for trainings at Mail

Location Vienna Dragons

Cancellation Policy

Legally, we are bound by the contract of the Via Danube and the regulations of the Magistrate Wien (landowners and responsible authorities for the waterway used). Unfortunately, perfect weather conditions cannot be guaranteed. The Cup does take place under light rain, but if the weather conditions cause a significant risk to participants on the water, due to wind, water level of the New Danube or other potential external factors, the race cannot be continued. These short-term cancellations are rare but do happen. By that time, boat rental fees, life guards and water rescue boats, administrative costs, VCBC rent etc. are already paid (fixed costs ca. 2800€).
Long story short: No refunds or credits take place for cancellations of all or part of an event due to weather. The prices will go back to our sponsors and will hopefully be stored until 2018.
We highly appreciate your understanding.

Organisational Hints:
  • Try to get support from your Faculty! 
  • Contact public relations offices of your University or FH
  • Use the help of professional associations

Registrations 2017:
Boku Wien Boot1 booked (50% discount on two trainings)
Boku Wien Boot2 booked (50% discount on two trainings)
Strv Statistik, Uni Wien booked (50% discount on two trainings)
Fakultaet fuer Chemie, Uni Wien booked (50% discount on one training)
Chemie, EW & Friends, Uni Wien booked (50% discount on one training)
Hultzsch/Bismark/Maulide Chemie, Uni Wien booked (50% discount on one training)
nurzumduschenda, KPH Wien/Krems booked (50% discount on one training)
Team MedUni, MedUni Wien booked
Team VWL "Per Annahme unsinkbar", Uni Wien booked
HpKPH 2, KPH Wien/Krems booked
International Team Chinese Students
Team CAMPUS Brigittenau (request)
Team JKU Linz (request)
Team University of Bratislava (request)